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Building a
Better Brain

Face the demands of work, life and performance with Better Brain Coaching - giving you the tools to build your mental fitness and do it all.

Invest in your best asset

"understanding how your brain works - and using the insight to build mental fitness is an essential part of performance in a demanding world" 

Mark Dibden, Brain Coach

Brain Coaching
for Mental Fitness


Getting from
A to B

Vision, goals and finding the clarity for the next step is a core part of the Betterbrain Coaching approach. Learn the tools and techniques to get you unstuck. 

Brain-friendly Habits

Developing and keeping healthy habits is key to building a better brain. Identify and implement healthy habits that stick, so you can make positive changes that last.

Balanced Brain-Diet

Create space for work, rest, play and creativity - giving your brain all it needs to sustain a healthy approach to life and the demands you face.

Coaching for Coaches

Learn the tools and techniques to support your clients to achieve more with an intensive training programme tailored to your needs.

"Coaching was incredibly valuable. Mark has a way of helping you get to the heart of an issue by striking a perfect balance between listening and asking insightful questions. I have found our conversations very practical in terms of helping me set, and work towards, goals."

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